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Your Real Estate Transaction Online

The HomeBase™ transaction management system is an exclusive online tool for accessing and reviewing your real estate purchase or sale. You are provided access to a personal account. From start to finish, this Web-based system provides you with a safe, secure, user-friendly communication and documentation platform.

Another benefit of HomeBase™ is that it keeps working on your behalf, long after your sale has closed. You can return to your personal HomeBase™ account at any time to retrieve secure transaction-related documents that may come in handy during estate planning, financial planning or tax season, or folowing a hurricane or other emergency.

HomeBaseEfficient and Easy to use

  • Important documents are uploaded and stored in the HomeBase™ system.
  • View activities and services related to your purchase or sale any time.
  • Convenient features such as automated email alerts and messaging keep you informed.

Your Security is Our Priority

  • The HomeBase™ management system is a secure online tool - secured by 128 bit SSL encryption.
  • Password protected site is accessible only to those granted permission.
  • Documents are digitally secured, preventing them from being altered.

Accessibility at Your Fingertips

  • Convenient, secure 24/7 online access
  • Your documented transaction is stored in a permanent archive.
  • Accessible long after your sale has closed.
  • Retrieve documents that may come in handy during estate planning, renovations, financial planning or tax season.

Ask us for a Personal HomeBase™ System Account!